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Integrative Health Coaching

Harmonise all aspects of your Wellbeing

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Session at Client's address, online, or my business address

Service Description

I work with a very holistic approach based on Chinese Medicine principles which takes into account ALL aspects of a person in relation to their health & wellbeing. This all natural approach encompasses exploring physical, emotional and energetic influences& contributors to health issues. We seek to find where & what the imbalances are, and then look at what is needed to support you back into balance. Balance = health, and there is more than the physical body to take into account. Your 'prescription' will be a combination of diet & lifestyle recommendations, as well as movement practices &/or mediations to suit your individual needs … we also look at supplemental support where needed. ‘Medicine’ is not always in the form of a pill or potion. The soul and spirit cannot be seen as separate from health, nor can the emotions and feelings. I find a very open minded approach is best in what healing might look like, especially in chronic conditions.

Contact Details

0421 476 745

Bellingen NSW, Australia

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